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Plastic Free Faversham

Community Actions

PFF works with local councils, and community groups to help us move towards a waste-free future. Find out what we are doing next and see if you can take part.

Use our All In One Zerowaste TM box at 12 Market Place

Contact us if you would like to get involved in future projects


Community Actions

Climate Resilience Stall (Swale FoE)

Market Square

Date: 15 June 2024

PFF will be supporting Swale FoE on all the ways our homes and lifestyles can be climate-ready. 

LITTERPICK with 1st Faversham Cubs on Seasalter Beach!

DATE: 25th June 2024

Inspiring our young people to love and care for our environment! 

We are delighted to support our younger generation in the challenge against a rising tide of consumer waste.

Project Climate Vote 

Stall in Faversham Market Square

DATE: 10 August 2024

A general election is coming soon, and it's our best shot at getting strong climate action. Greenpeace is uniting the British public to push the next government - whoever it is - to take climate change seriously. - Come and see us and pledge to vote for Climate Action at the next election!

Bysing Wood Swale FoE litterpick

DATE: Autum 2024 TBC

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