Plastic Free Faversham is a community group run by volunteers with the aim of raising awareness about the overuse of single-use plastic and other ecological issues. We endeavour to offer eco-friendly advice and alternatives to the lifestyle problems of our time.

As the COVID lockdown eases, single use plastic is on the rise!

We don’t want to go back to square one: default reliance on plastic. Post-COVID, single use plastic is no less pointless, no less polluting and no less pervasive than it ever was.
In fact, it’s gearing up for a big comeback, aided and abetted by fossil fuel manufacturers, lax government regulation and COVID anxiety.

There’s another way. We can get behind some of the big campaigns out there from SAS, Marine Conservation Society and City to Sea. We can also support all our local businesses working so hard to maintain a plastic-free environment.’

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It's time to take ACTION!

Events in Faversham

Plastic Free Faversham's Climate Cafe!

Come along to Plastic Free Faversham's Climate Cafe!

29th January Guest speaker: Greenpeace rep John Halladay

What is a Climate Cafe? 


It is a safe space to come and share your feelings, worries, and concerns as well as your hopes and aspirations about the issues we are facing regarding climate and environmental change. Read more...


Recycling in Faversham

Terracycling in Tanners St.

St Jude's Shrine has updated its Terracycling boxes and now there is a whole host of different everyday household items that can be recycled from Hasbro toys to air freshners. The Terracycle collection point can be found in the office entrance and is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Click here to find out what you can recycle there...


Save the planet!!

Refill & Reuse

Look out for these posters about town to refill your coffee cup & water bottle


Businesses: need another poster? Download it here!


Surfers Against Sewage

Plastic Free Schools -

Calling all Teachers, Pupils, Parents & Carers


Stop single use plastics and become a plastic free accredited school. Read more


Plastic Lawn

NO! to Plastic Grass

Spring is here and the grass is growing! Or is it?!
Let’s make sure the grass does continue to grow by saying NO! To plastic grass. PFF has teamed up with Swale Friends of the Earth and Plastic Free Sheerness to launch Turf It Out, a campaign against the perils of plastic grass.

Fake lawns are bad in lots of ways. They stop birds, insects and small mammals from finding food and shelter, and they shed long-lived harmful micro-plastics into our environment, all the way to our rivers and seas. Choose real grass and reap a harvest of happy wildlife!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the campaign and please share! The birds will love you for it!


Petitions 2020. July

Play & Support PFF in Local  Lottery

Plastic Free Faversham now has a Faversham & District Community Lottery page. Support local causes and win prizes of up to £25,000! 50% of all tickets sold from our page will go to us! Plus another 10% goes to other local good causes. Tickets cost just £1 per week.

We are raising funds to expand our community litter picking events, with the purchase of litter pickers and equipment.  The equipment can be borrowed by members of the community to enable everyone to carry out litter picks safely.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Click to play!


Lockdown Challenge

Lockdown Litter Pick Challenge

PFF invites you to to do a mini Lockdown Litter Pick on the third Sunday each month. You can do it solo or as part of your household while exercising outdoors. Send us the pics of your picks so that we can show how much litter we can collect on just one day!

The first Lockdown Litter Pick took place on Sunday 17Jan and was a great success!

Use a litter pick if you’ve got one and collect items in a strong bag. Gardening or heavy gloves are useful and don’t pick up anything with bare hands. 

Take care near busy roads and be as visible as possible.

Next pick: Sunday 22nd March: A google map is being created of the roads that have been litter picked so please send us the name the roads you’ve cleaned so that we can colour code the map. Might be useful also to comment on how bad it was too, if possible. This won’t be personal info, by the way, just the name of the road for the purposes of building up a clear picture of how bad the litter situation is in Faversham.

Cheers and happy picking!


Micro-fibers article 2020

The Massive Microplastic Problem

How to prevent your clothes creating plastic pollution.

Clothes made of 100% polyester, acrylic, nylon or polyamide = 100% plastic.

Washing releases thousands of tiny plastic fibres, also called microplastics. Some are caught by washing machine filters or in water-treatment processes, but smallest end up in the ocean. Click here to read more... and Learn more about Microplastics with local Eco Warrior Daniel Hampton, as he presents a presenation about the microplastics found in Faversham Creek.


Businesses 2020

Business Solutions to the Plastic Problem

Advice on how to keep reusables on the menu in our favourite Faversham Cafes and other businesses. Click here


Covid news. 2020. July

Disposable masks could kill

As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more protective equipment is ending up in the sea. Watch this shocking BBC report which shows how an estimated 129 billion face masks have been used already this year, many of them not disposed of correctly. You can buy reusable masks from the following places in Faversham:

​- Coasts for Life's in Faversham Market, - Debbie Dee East on FB, & on the Nextdoor app., - Patsy Crouch on Nextdoor,- email: patsycrouch@gmail.com, - All Stitched Up in Court St, - Top Hats and Tales in west Street, - Barley Mow, - L Jay's Attic in Preston St, Buy online from Hope Fitzgerald. Sharon Godden at Faversham Safari (Everard Way).


Faversham recycling info

Where to recycle what in Faversham

Refills, TerraCycling, plastic-free stockists; click here to find them in Faversham! Includes the latest Covid 19 info...


Faversham info

Surfers Against Sewage in Faversham

In Spring 2019 Faversham Town achieved the Surfers Against Sewage 'Plastic Free Status'. Find out what this means for Faversham ...


Faversham info

Top tips

Click here for top tips for reducing your use of single-use plastic. It's easier than you think!


Faversham recycling info

Recycling in Swale

What you can and can't recycle is not always obvious. Click here for advice and links to Swale Borough Council for definitive answers.


Faversham info

Events & Campaigns

Plastic Free Faversham is always organising or helping to organise something! If you would like to take part or drop by to help out then click here to find out what's going down...


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Volunteer with PFF!

Click here to find out more...

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