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Find quick and easy plastic free alternatives below, made with everyday items that are super easy to source!


Your own crackers!

So it's actually fairly easy to make a virtually plastic free cracker. I bought bangers and paper hats from ebay. These toilet rolls and wrappers are courtesy of Who Gives a Crap. 


Then you can fill them with hand made gifts, or second hand plastic items. A tiny bit of sticky tape will secure the wrapper in the middle.


Don't forget to write a hilarious joke!!

PFF-HowTos_0004_Layer 4.jpg
PFF-HowTos_0005_Layer 3.jpg
PFF-HowTos_0002_Layer 6.jpg

Not just

for Christmas..

If you're thinking about a Christmas or indeed any festival with less plastic in it, then home made decorations are just the thing and so easy to make - your kids will love to get involved!

You will need: 1 cup baking soda, half cup corn starch, 3/4 cup water.

  1. Mix all in large bowl

  2. Microwave for 1 min then stir

  3. Repeat step 2.

  4. Continue microwaving in 20 second bursts until it has the consistency of mashed potato.

  5. Cover with a wet paper towel and allow to cool.

  6. When cooled give the dough a final kneed and it is ready to use.

  7. After your creations are complete, allow to dry on a paper towel for 2 days. DONE!!

Home made:

Individual Style

Make your Halloween party stand out from all the other homogenous plastic ones with hand crafted fun. 

You don't need to spend loads of money on it either, or have any particularly arty farty skills.

Wonky is gruesome!


Old picture frames filled with creepy relatives and card skull bunting are just a few ideas, but Pinterest is simply bursting with ideas for these sorts of Festivals. Putting your own mark on festivals like Halloween can really help you get in to the mood for it we find.


There's really no excuse so go for it!


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