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Recycle more in Faversham

There are a number of waste items which Swale Council does not recycle but which can be recycled in Faversham.

Here's our list of recycling opportunities.


in Faversham

  • Empty blister packs - Lady Dane Vets on Graveny Road

  • Soft plastic film & crisp packets - Tescos and Sainsburys 

  • Batteries and water filters - Sainsburys

  • Glasses - Specsavers & Optima opticians 

  • Vapes - Tescos

  • Electronic devices for insulin - Paydens Chemists

  • Textile Rag - Hospices of Hope and Mothers of Invention

Our All In One Zerowaste TM Terracycle box at 12 Market Place (The Tourist Information Centre in the Faversham Town Council building) takes: 

  • Art Supplies & Stationary

  • Baby Equipment

  • Beauty Products

  • Cleaning Accessories

  • Clothes Hangers

  • Coffee Bags & Capsules

  • Disposable PPE

NO: electronics, organics, food and liquid waste

(No: Aerosol and Pressurised Cans, Batteries, Biodegradable Plastics (i.e. PLA), Biomedical Waste & Sharps, Broken Glass, Electronic Products, Food Content & Liquid Waste, Hazardous waste, Light Bulbs Of Any Kind, Oil Based Paint & Pesticides, Organics, Paper Products, Plastic Cards, Wood & Bamboo)

Many thanks to the Rotary Club Faversham, who funded this box and previous dental equipment boxes.

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