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Reducing your Carbon Footprint in the Classroom

Giving the class postbox the SACK!

Giving the Class Postbox the SACK this Christmas!

​CALLING ALL TEACHERS! A fantastic opportunity to make a big difference!

If 29 children each make 30 cards in 7 classrooms and pop them in the class postbox, how many mostly non-recyclable cards will you have? The answer is 6,090! But then multiply that by 16,769 UK primary schools and you have 102,123,210 Christmas cards!


An estimated 34,041.7 trees will be felled to supply this demand. On top of this waste of resources that the world can ill aford, is the energy, carbon footprint and single use packaging required to produce and deliver them.

If you agree that some alternative solution to this waste of materials needs to be found then Hooray! - you have come to the right place!


PFF have produced a handy PDF which outlines this problem and also offers a number of ideas to help the children at your school to wish each other a very happy Christmas without wasting resources. You can also use this document to help explain your change of policy to children and parents.

If you are teacher - share this with your colleagues and other schools. If you are a parent or a pupil - tell your teachers!


We have also produced some social media posts to use. Click here to download them.

If you have any questions or would like to tell us about your Classpost Box Story, please contact us at:


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Read more about how PFF enabled Faversham to achieve Plastic Free Status from Surfers Against Sewage.

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